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Mondays with Matt: What to consider when purchasing aeration equipment


In this edition of “Mondays with Matt”, we talked about what to look for when choosing aeration equipment or services.


  1. If you’re choosing to aerate for profit, it’s all about speed and productivity. In order for aeration to be effective, you have to make sure the holes are properly spaced. For instance, you can’t have your holes being five inches apart. Ideal spacing is generally 3-4 inches max.


  1. Make sure the tines are able to clean themselves out. Matt recommends using an open spoon, whereas most golf courses use a solid wall to pull out the entire tube.


  1. Having moisture in the ground is essential for reaching an adequate depth during aeration. According to Matt, “if you’re a homeowner and you have a guy out there and he’s only going in about half an inch, you need to stop because he’s wasting your money.” Instead, you want to make sure that tine really penetrates the soil. If the grass is 5 inches long, you want the tine down in there at least 2.5 inches, otherwise, it’s not doing much for you.


  1. Once the tines are reaching proper depth, and you’re bringing up a good amount of soil during aeration, Matt recommends having them overseed in your grass as well. This is a great time to do it because soil and seed need contact in order for the seed to germinate.