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Lawn Care Professionals

Grow Your Operation

For small, local lawn and landscape companies to large commercial firms, there’s a passion to improve every client’s turf health and aesthetic. But at the end of the day, there’s always the need to keep revenue flowing. That’s why lawn care professionals demand equipment that combines efficiency, durability and ease of use—helping them finish jobs and quickly move to the next without making sacrifices. 

That’s why they trust RYAN.

man operating a Ryan Lawnaire V Aerator

Boosting Bottom Lines

For more than 75 years, we've designed durable and versatile machines that deliver consistent, reliable performance with minimal downtime—helping professionals finish more day-to-day tasks to boost their bottom line. These machines feature easily-trainable, accessible control systems that offer professionals the opportunity to expand their services, helping generate a new source of revenue. Because when you trust RYAN, you invest in the future of your company.

photo of a Ryan Lawnaire IV Aerator

Lawnaire® IV & V Aerators With Easy Steer Technology

photo of a Ryan Lawnaire ZTS Stand-On Aerator

Lawnaire® ZTS Stand-On Aerator

photo of a Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter Hydro

Jr. Sod Cutter – Hydro

Southland Sod Farms

Oxnard, CA

“Southland Sod Farms has produced and delivered the finest quality sod since 1976, and we have used Ryan® sod cutters from the beginning. Today we run a fleet of sod cutters 6 days a week. We have experimented with mechanized harvesters, but they’ll never replace the Ryan Heavy Duty Sod Cutter here at Southland – we believe it has played a major role in our success.”

Mike Sarver, Maintenance & Purchasing

close-up photo of Ryan Ren-O-Thin Power Rake

Our expertise doesn't end at the factory floor. Check out the latest professional tips and recommendations from our seasoned team.

man operating a Ryan Lawnaire ZTS Stand-On Aerator

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