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Going the distance

For athletes, the fields they play on are as important as their training regimen and diet plan. To match the ambitions of those who play, it takes a relentless work ethic and keen understanding of turf care; from how to alleviate compacted soil, establish turf and remove thatch. It also takes equipment that measures up to the high expectations of this work. From sun up to sun down, these men and women need complete faith and trust in the machines that their livelihoods depends on

That’s why they trust RYAN.

For the love of the game

For more than 75 years, we've designed effective and efficient turf maintenance equipment that's long lasting and easy to use. Season to season and game to game, our machines help you return worn-out turf to its former glory—erasing thousands of imperfections, cleat marks, holes, and ruts to ensure optimal playing conditions.

Lawnaire® Tow-Behind Aerator

Tracaire® Aerator

Renovaire® Aerator

Southland Sod Farms

Oxnard, CA

“Southland Sod Farms has produced and delivered the finest quality sod since 1976, and we have used Ryan® sod cutters from the beginning. Today we run a fleet of sod cutters 6 days a week. We have experimented with mechanized harvesters, but they’ll never replace the Ryan Heavy Duty Sod Cutter here at Southland – we believe it has played a major role in our success.”

Mike Sarver, Maintenance & Purchasing


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