Mondays with Matt: The Importance of Communication

In this edition of “Mondays with Matt”, we discuss the importance of communication between turfgrass professionals.

Matt recalled what he would often tell his assistants and young people working for him- “Give me a good communicator, I’ll turn them into a great agronomist.” Matt added that even if you happen to be a great agronomist, you have to be a great communicator in order for your entire team to succeed.

Matt shared that almost everybody gets into golf course maintenance because of the field work. At first it’s about 80 or 90% of what you do. Matt then countered with some eye opening industry wisdom regarding the growing importance of communication as turf careers progress.

“When you get to the pinnacle of your career, [field work] shifts to 5 or 10% of what you do. Because it’s really about leading up, down and sideways, all day every day.”