Mondays with Matt: Leasing vs. purchasing your equipment

In this edition of “Mondays with Matt”, we discussed a few differences between leasing and purchasing equipment. While purchasing your own equipment has its advantages, Matt highlighted 3 key factors to consider regarding leasing equipment:


  1. A lease comes out of your operating expenses, while a purchase comes out of your capital. The latter may be a deal breaker for those finding their finances to be a bit tight.


  1. Some clubs opt for a lease because it’s a simple line item that can be built into your budget each year. This can be a more tolerable expense for many, versus having to approach the board each year to ask for replacements, etc.


  1. Being that a lease is a line item that is factored into your budget, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re always going to have good equipment on hand —there’s no guessing involved.