Power Rakes/Dethatchers

Solid, Tried, and True.
Solid, Tried, and True.

Maximize the health of the turf you care for by removing the thick thatch buildup that prevents air, light, and water from reaching the root zone of that turf. Use a Ryan® Power Rake or Dethatcher to remove thatch and break up aeration cores. You will improve the condition of the turf which results in a greener, healthier, disease resistant lawn.

Ryan® dethatchers and power rakes are versatile and efficient. Interchangeable reels make customization easy. Whether the job calls for heavy-duty dethatching or season power raking, you’ll get the job done fast.

Why Dethatch?

Thatch can keep water and air from reaching the soil and, if left untreated, can create an environment that harbors pests and diseases. Dethatching removes those layers of dead grass, roots and debris matted between the soil and the growing grass, keeping the grass greener and healthier while minimizing the chance of disease.

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