Why Cut Sod?

Sod cutters perform a number of tasks that not only enhance the quality of the lawn, but also aid in reducing your labor costs. From lifting sod for relocation/repositioning to expanding and/or establishing shrub and flower beds, sod cutters deliver the precise cut you need. They are especially useful when removing grass for walkways, patios, playground areas, irrigation and dog fencing.


Ryan® sod cutters are designed to make your turf tasks as effortless as possible. Your choice of cutting blades and blade angles allows you to quickly adapt to varying soil conditions. Easy depth adjustment helps efficiently select a cutting depth. Responsive handling gives a true cut with unmatched stability and maneuverability. A cast-iron gear case and traction drive wheels ensure responsive cutting in all conditions while also reducing maintenance. And they’re all powered by the proven reliability of Honda® and Briggs & Stratton® engines.

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