Golf Course/Company :
Hillcrest Sod Farm

City, State, Zip :
32609 Pennsylvania Romulus, MI 48174

Jr. Sod Cutter Age :
50 years.

We use Ryan sod cutters every day its not raining, making it the most valuable machine on our farm. We install a new lawn everyday and take this machine to job after job. From heavy, wet clay to beach sand, the Ryan always performs. Its lightweight, maneuverable and outperforms ANY of its competitors. I have a machine in the barn, that requires a rope to start and a screwdriver to ground out, that will start on the first or second pull and go into gear and cut sod today. We bought that machine used 44 years ago from another sod farm. Keep it greased, keep gear oil in it and let it make you money. Thanks for the "ol Ryan". I have attached a picture of one of our "newer" machines, mid 90s I believe. I can show you the fleet if you need it.