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CELEBRATE National Aerate Your Lawn Day

Aerate now and enjoy a lush lawn next spring!

Lawns take a beating in the summer. Kids playing, family barbecues, and mowing can lead to soil compaction which can prevent water, fertilizer, and air from getting to your lawn’s root system. Aeration is a great way to restore lawn health after summer activity. By creating holes in the lawn surface with an aerator, you can improve water penetration, nutrient uptake and improve air exchange – all factors that can lead to a healthier lawn in the spring.

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Why Aerate?

Poking holes or cutting slits in your soil reduces compaction and promotes root growth for healthier turf!

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With hundreds of dealerships carrying RYAN® Aerators nationwide, you're sure to find one near you.

Steps to a Successful Aeration Block Party!

An aeration block party is a cost-effective and fun way to improve your lawn’s health and appearance. Here are a few steps to make your party a success:

  • Coordinate a date for neighbors to pitch in for an aeration block party
  • Rent a RYAN aerator, get all the fixings for a cookout where everyone aerates
  • Join the party, celebrate a job well done and toast to beautiful lawns
  • Share your aeration block party on Facebook with #NAYLD
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Give Your Soil Some Fresh Air: Aeration Tips

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Grow your business!

Learn how to estimate aeration jobs with our aeration calculator.

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Aeration Bid Calculator

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Providing aeration services can be a great way for lawn care companies to expand their business as it’s typically done in fall or spring, thus extending the regular season.

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