Mondays with Matt: Picking a Distributor

In this edition of “Mondays with Matt” we discuss how to go about picking the right distributor for your course.

Matt explained that one way to figure out which distributor is best is to have each company bring a few of their best machines, set them up for the specifications of your course and then have a mow off.

Matt expressed that the best distributors will not only help teach you how to use and set up the equipment, but will continue to support you in any way possible. And if two distributors are equally as efficient and helpful, you can always have a mixed house, carrying machines from multiple distributors if they can both benefit your grounds care operation.

Matt also shared a couple things that great distributors will do to go above and beyond in helping your course.

  1. A great distributor will do whatever they can to make sure you can still get work done. If they’re out of a part that you need, dropping off a demo is a big deal.
  2. A great distributor will give you more than a couple of hours to test a machine. Distributors that give you a day or two to test equipment are ones that realize your best interests.
  3. Matt finished by saying that when you’re spending a lot of money on new equipment, you need to take a hard look and do your due diligence to find a distributor that will meet your course’s specific needs.